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As the world shifts and changes, hybrid working has become more important than ever. It would appear companies globally have had to re-evaluate company culture, and focus on the needs of their team. This has created a dramatic change in how companies operate and perform. When hybrid working is implemented correctly, the benefits can be incredibly effective, increasing productivity amongst employees and helping to make their lives easier. 

Some of the benefits of Hybrid Working are: 

Reduce Costs

In today’s climate, we are more aware than ever of the bottom line. The hybrid work model allows you to cut operating costs while also ensuring your employees happiness. You’re even saving them money on commuting costs too. At Iconic Offices, you can set the number of desks in your office, and rotate your employees to make the most of your space. 

Increase Productivity

By allowing your employees flexibility, you are allowing them to take ownership of their workload. This increases their accountability, gives them the opportunity to create a balance that works for them and means they will work more effectively and efficiently. Offering a flexible workspace can give new environments to inspire them and prevent inertia. 

Improve Retention

Employees are more aware than ever of what companies are offering and the kind of work environment they want to surround themselves with. This has become a vital part in the employee journey. Creating a hybrid model that supports their needs can be crucial to holding on to your talent. 

A Whole New World

There’s been a shift to digital in almost every aspect of our lives. Our means of communication have changed, allowing hybrid working to be a success. This opens the space to redefine collaboration, to be innovative in how we use technology, and opens the entire world to this partnership. 


At Iconic Offices, we create design-led spaces and host wellness events with your well-being in mind. To create a work-life balance, hybrid working is an essential tool. This helps to mitigate burnout, give employees more time to work on their professional and personal goals, and cuts down their weekly commute time. Freeing up personal time for employees boosts their well-being, which in turn boosts their productivity. 

To successfully employ hybrid working within a business, it is important to understand that it must be handled correctly. Read more about why hybrid working is the future for many businesses here. Our Iconic Workspace Consultants are always on hand to discuss solutions that fit your company’s needs. 

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