Founder, Chupi

From stepping through the doors of the store to carrying home your forever piece of jewellery, every last detail is considered at Chupi. Chupi Sweetman, the founder and CEO of Chupi, joined us in The Lennox to chat to us about how Iconic Offices serves as an extension to her business when she needs it. For Chupi and her team, bringing people together is what matters the most, where finding and harnessing inspiration is key when you’re in the business of delivering moments of hope. 


Founder, Rob Kenny PR

Like many, Rob Kenny wasn’t sure what he wanted to pursue as a career after finishing school. When a career guidance counsellor suggested Marketing as a career path, fast forward to today and Rob Kenny is a well-known media presenter, influencer and the successful founder of Rob Kenny PR. We recently joined Rob in The Masonry to chat about the highs and lows of working in PR and how he felt that Coworking at The Masonry was the perfect setting for him and his team of two.


Transformation Coach & Podcaster, The Innovation Show

We joined Aidan in his workspace at No.48 to chat about his work as a transformation coach, author, and podcaster of The Innovation Show. Aidan explains that, in sports, having a coach is seen as nearly vital in becoming the best at what you do, but in the business world, many people see having a coach as a failure. As an executive coach, Aidan uses failure as fuel and guides people through transformation and change to help them navigate their own specific goals and visions.


Founder, Work Equal and Lennon Courtney

Founder of Work Equal, former RTE presenter, co-founder of Lennon Courtney and podcaster Sonya Lennon speaks about her passion for equality and her experiences as a business owner. Sonya has become an expert in many fields, from fashion design to podcasting, favouring a hands-on, practical approach to every aspect of her professional career.


Executive Coach & Partner, Praesta Ireland

Partner of Praesta Ireland, an executive coaching service, Barbara Patton talks to Iconic about the values of leadership that really make an impact. Encouraging humanity and kindness, both to the self and to others is a cornerstone of Barbara’s coaching philosophy.


CEO, LEI-Worldwide

Founder and CEO of LEI-Worldwide Darragh Hayes takes the time to talk about the new regulations that have impacted the financial services sector. Being able to identify a gap in the market and provide a solution for this has been key to LEI-Worldwide’s success within the market.


Managing Director, 360Search

Lynda Barnes, founder of 360Search, speaks about her passion for innovating the HR process and the importance she places on tailoring this experience to her clients needs. 360Search view the search for a job as a key moment in a person’s life, and Lynda hopes to bring security and comfort to that experience.


Owner, Rafael Photography

Talented photographer Rafael Kostrzewa speaks about his inspiration and process, explaining how he followed his passion for functional photography to make an impact. Rafael wanted to use his art form to create the perfect headshot for clients, presenting them in the best possible light to their potential future employers.


Co-founder, Square1

We chatted with co-founder of Square 1, Diego Solorzano about the adventure of setting up your own business and how being a part of the Iconic Community can help. Diego has been able to network with other members of the Iconic Community from all industries, gaining a wealth of knowledge and diverse solutions.


Country Head, Impax Asset Management

Adrian Missen, Country Head at Impax, talks to Iconic about the shift towards sustainability and how we need to invest in our future. With Iconic Offices continually pushing towards eco-friendly solutions, Impax felt we were the right fit for their future.


Founder, Skinny Designs

John Phelan, founder of Skinny Designs, chats with us about his love of graphic design and where it originated from. This passion has allowed him to create his own businesses, and work with a variety of industries and businesses.


Founder, Genius Ideas Inc

We sat down with Melanie Morris, founder of Genius Ideas Inc., to discuss how everything starts with a great idea. Melanie enjoys taking these ideas and helping brands to use their USP to communicate their ideas effectively to the marketplace.


Managing Director, Eirkoo

Darragh Everard, managing director of Eirkoo, speaks about his experiences facilitating a repatriation of those abroad back home to Ireland. Having lived in Australia, he knows the difficulties of reestablishing in a different country, and how to transfer skills learned abroad back home.


Internship & Student Services Coordinator, API Abroad

Alice Bolger with Academic Programmes International spoke to Iconic about the importance of providing students with the opportunity to develop and grow as people, creating tomorrows leaders. Founded in 1997, API is now in more than 25 countries and over 50 cities world wide.


Owner, Courtney McDonnell Studio

Courtney McDonnell speaks about the importance of bridging the gap between architecture and design. Creating innovative solutions to incorporate both make for a dynamic approach to both residential and commercial environments.


Founder, Elisha Clarke Photography

Photographer Elisha Clarke speaks about prioritising yourself and your needs when creating your business, and making sure that you don’t burn out for the sake of that business. She explains the importance of valuing yourself as well as the work.


Managing Director, BrandNew Creative

Iconic spoke with the managing director of BrandNew Creative, Amos Unkovich, about the importance of creating compelling brand strategies accompanied by elegant visuals for brands of all sizes.


Founder & Financial Director, Sullivan’s Brewing Company

Iconic chatted with Dan Smithwick, founder of Sullivan’s Brewing Company about the importance of heritage and history, and how this can help to tell a brands story. Building something that is part of that heritage, and also looks towards the future is a vital part of Sullivan’s business model.


Founder & Creative Director, Emotion Media

Jill Barry discusses the value of each of her clients story, and how her company, Emotion Media, creates a digital solution to help tell these stories. Having a dynamic team who are willing to challenge themselves to bring these visions to life is an integral part of this process.


Owner, The Lab

Iconic spoke with Nathan Bennett, owner of The Lab Restaurant, about the importance of creating an experience for your customers, and invoking feelings within them. As he notes, people will always remember the way you made them feel in a moment.


Vice President & General Manager EMEA, Sprout Social

VP of Sprout Social, Gerard Murnaghan chats about the need to connect brands with audiences in an authentic and open way. Growing at a phenomenal rate, Iconic Offices have been able to support and flex with Sprout to ensure that they are able to continue to expand.


Managing Partner & Co Founder, Bardon

Speaking with Elaine Brady, co-founder of Bardon about humanising the HR experience and creating communities in a data driven world. Revolutionising recruitment means that an emphasis can be placed on people.


Owner, SoCo Performance Clinic

Conor Gavin, founder of SoCo Performance Clinic, discusses the democratisation of premium sports performance care. This allows the general public to avail of the type of services previously only available to top athletes.


European MD, AccuWeather

Iconic chats with Brian Lavery from AccuWeather about how weather makes an impact on our lives, consciously or subconsciously, and how this can effect business. This can help customers plan their day better and businesses plan logistics.


Founder, Saol Beo

Tara O’Rourke, founder of Saol Beo, sat down with Iconic to extoll the value of incorporating a healthy work/ life balance. Tara takes an holistic approach to maintaining the body and mind, in order to perform well professionally.


Managing Director, Paragon 28

MD of Paragon 28, Brian Shuptar explains the need to constantly improve and innovate in order to create the best possible outcomes for patients and customers. Maintaining curiosity and a thirst for knowledge is key to this process.


Freelance Food & Travel Writer/ Content Creator

Dee Laffan, freelance content creator, chats to Iconic about the how there may be a disconnect between a brand and their online voice, and how to solve this issue.

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